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Foods with good cholesterol to start eating today

Do you suffer from high cholesterol levels? Read my latest post on WatchFit to improve your blood values today! from Jessica Faissal's Diet and Fitness tips. via IFTTTJessica Faissal's Diet and Fitness tips.
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What exercise does burn the most calories? There are a few variables that must be utilized to maximize fitness and fat burning. By training large muscles and muscle groups- which would require legs, back and core exercises -moving all possible joints in functional free motion movements. For example, a squat or deadlift burns more than a bicep curl because the leg and hip muscles are larger and you are also working around knee, hip and ankle joints as opposed to just elbow or just shoulder in those other simpler exercises … Another huge variable is pace, speed and the intensity with which you perform the exercise. So doing deadlifts, squats or any other large muscle exercise, but turning it into a power clean or a jump squat increases the speed and power of the movement and allows you to burn more calories by making your body exert itself more. Lastly, you need to do your exercises in a large enough amount each session in order to really maximize calorie burn. So you should be working towards being able to do up to at least 4 or 5 rounds each during a particular workout. #JessicaFaissalinstafit

via Jessica Faissal's Diet and Fitness tips.
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